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Hack This Fall began with a mindset of encouraging new hackers to build unique projects regardless of the tech or field. The only focus was to create something meaningful and enjoy the process of building, while also solving the shared struggles of our surroundings.

For this season, we are taking this a level higher with a 48 Hours Virtual Hackathon; where we are aiming to promote hackers and help them nurture their new ideas and prototypes in various domains. Our motto is also to involve more beginner hackers and support everyone to solve the shared problems of our society, to bring a change in a positive way.

This year, we are focused to create learning opportunities for attendees while they Build & Solve. We will talk about various technologies, create awareness, encourage others, hack to contribute, and participate in many more exciting events & sessions.


The themes for Season 2 are as follows:

- Climate change and Environment
Climate change is an ongoing problem with our planet, so we want to encourage hackers to build solutions to tackle this issue and come up with some innovative solutions.

- Blockchain and Crypto
Blockchain, the next generation of the internet is decentralized. It'll be a great experience for the hackers to learn new blockchain techs and work with various chains and come with unique ideas while learning.

- Open Innovation
We don't want our hackers to limit their ideas, so we also have an Open Innovation track where hackers can come up with their own ideas, and make awesome innovative projects irrespective of any theme.

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Siddharth Dayalwal

Siddharth Dayalwal
Hack This Fall

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